Long Cold Winter

While Europe swelters in another heat wave, Australia is into its winter, albeit the temperatures don’t really feel like it’s winter. Regardless winter always gets me thinking about “Long Cold Winter” from Cinderella.

I own “Long Cold Winter” on LP but hey who has a record player at work these days. Since Spotify has the album on its service, I went straight there. 

Cozy Powell is on drums as producer Andy Johns felt that Fred Coury was too young and green.

“Look at the winner who hit the ground, it comes around and then it goes back down”

How good is this lyric from “Bad Seamstress Blue/Falling Apart”?

To me, life isn’t about who wins or loses. It’s about who lives to their full potential because it’s easy to sabotage yourself by living to rules set upon you by society, culture, your parents and anyone else who has had an influence.

If you care about what people think of you then you will never get to break free from those rules.

“Gypsy Road” nails the life of a touring band as each nomadic highway leads the band to another city away from home. Other songs about life on the road had been doing the rounds earlier.

Bon Jovi said they’ve seen a million faces and rocked them all, Motley Crue couldn’t keep it together at the seams as they wanted to get back to home sweet home and Bob Seger spent so much time on the road his kids didn’t recognize home when he came back home.

And for a bit of trivia, the whole “Long Cold Winter” album was written on the gypsy roads used for the “Night Songs” tour.

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone” lays all the cards on the table as Keifer can’t explain what went wrong with the relationship. And no one ever can. How can two people go from being unable to keep their hands off each other once upon a time to not wanting to see each other.

“Heartaches come and go and all that’s left are the words I can’t let go”. And you can’t forget the words said sometimes be it good or bad.

“Long Cold Winter” was way ahead of its time. Gary Moore would see success a few years later with “Still Got The Blues”, Badlands had a debut album that rippled with the blues but Cinderella to me started it first. Jeff LeBar goes to town on the solo section. Underrated guitar hero in my mind.

“Coming Home” tells us about walking down a road and how a man has got to make his way, because when you so far away from home, all you want to do is get back home. Until the gypsy road calls again.