Faith In Life

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The verse music idea in “Faith In Life” was the original verse music in “The World We Live In”. The actual musical idea goes back to September 21, 2014. The outro section from the 4 minute mark to the end of “Faith In Life” was also the outro section to “The World We Live In”.

I had the title from a while back.

The original lyrics shown below and the title go back to December 14, 2014.But when I rewrote “The World We Live In” on March 5, 2019, I had two nice pieces of music without a song. So, on the same day, the first acoustic music memo of “Faith In Life was also written.The  Em, C, G, D arpeggio riff was always going to be the intro and verse riff for the song.

In the original studio cut of the song that was “The World We Live In” before it split into the two songs, the tempo was much faster, however I slowed it down for this version.

And I rewrote the lyrics.

I’m feeling low tonight
I know it will turn out right
I’ve been knocked down before
Without knowing what its for

We all got knocked down sometimes. That job you wanted, didn’t pan out, or you lost your job, the relationship fizzled out or a friendship is no more.

But one thing I do know, is that it all works out in the end, if you are prepared to let go of the hurt and embrace the new day to come.

And I’m learning to live
With the weight of the world
I try to hold my head high
While others look to the sky

It all depends on you.

When something goes wrong, people normally says, “oh my god, what will my friends say or my workmates or some other person whose opinion doesn’t matter at all”.

Hold your head high people, you’ve done nothing wrong and if you care about people’s judgment, you will not be able to move on.

I search for freedom
Its the greatest lie told
As long as we work for someone
Their the ones holding the gun

I like my job. It’s close to home and it allows me to live. But it could cease at anytime. There is no safety net and there shouldn’t be.

So am I in control of my destiny?

Am I the one holding the gun or is someone else?

Because while the wage might stop coming in, the expenses never do. My advice here is to be careful with debt. If you don’t need to borrow, don’t. Because as soon as you do, you are forever chained.

And each day I rise again
Resilient to the end
No one said life is easy
Even when you believe

That’s right, life isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be, especially when nature designed us to fight of death from our very first breath and survive. There are a lot more things in the world that can kill us than we really know about. An animal, the sea, lightning, a virus, a flood, drought, fire, and so on.

And I am not the only one
Looking for little bit of faith in life
Feel the rays of the sun
Shine a little faith in life

I tried the outro chords of C, D, Em and G for the Chorus but it didn’t work. However the C to D build up did work as a pre-chorus. And I had this melody in my had “about looking for some faith in life”, so I started singing the melody over the build-up, and then I just played a simple Em, C to D progression while singing the melody and it worked.My middle son really liked the Em, C and D chord progression and he just kept on playing those chords around the house. On March 24, 2019, I picked up the acoustic guitar and I started playing some lead breaks and that little melodic lead break you hear before the big outro came about (the photo above). And I recorded it on my music memos. From jamming, some good ideas can be created or fleshed out. But when I was in the studio, I forgot about this lead break.

The first studio draft was cut on April 14, 2019. After the chorus was played the second time through, I went straight into the original outro section idea that appears from the 4 minute mark in the song. And I thought I was done.

I bounced the track, air dropped it to my phone and off I went listening to it.

But my kids love my little voice memos or music memos and as they went through them, I heard that lead break from the jam I did with my son. It was a no brainer that I had to add it into the song. Two days later I was re-cutting the outro to include the breakdown, the phased/flanged lead break and then the big ending.

I’m trying really hard
But the rules change again
No one said life is far
And no one really cares

The decks are stacked against us from birth, by nature, by governments and by the powerful.

I change and I evolve
As I leave the last behind
I prepare for mistakes
It’s how I survive

If you’re not making mistakes, you ain’t learning, you ain’t evolving and you’re not living.

The road is long and winding
With tempting side streets
No one said life is easy
Even when you believe

I know the destination but I’m flexible with the route.

And below are a few photos of the lyrical sheets and the original color for the cover.