Moon Of Forever

Here is the Spotify link.

It all started on 30 April 2010. The first draft of the song was written in a brand new journal that I purchased for my upcoming European trip in July, August and September.

The first draft just had three verses and those three verses still remain. No chorus was written at that point in time.

On December 26, 2010 the song was demoed with just the verses.

The song was then put on the back burner.

On June 11, 2014 the first full attempt was recorded with a chorus. On the final version the chorus has the same music but no words.

The actual words were;

How many mistakes will we make and try to hold it together

No one wants to lose what they love to the moon of forever

Reflection of light in the darkest night it’s time to shine on together

And gravitate to one another under the moon of forever

How many mistakes will we make

How many mistakes will we make

And the song was on the back burner again until 23 November 2019 when I started working on it, in the studio.

When I started to record the song in the studio the original chorus was really wordy. So I changed it to be;

No one wants to lose

No one wants to lose

What they love

To the moon of forever

And I liked how it sounded but after I learnt the melody on the guitar and added a harmony, I really liked how the chorus sounded as a musical chorus.

Castles are burning as Mother Earth cries

Her message of love is etched forever on blue

It’s easy to fall, when you have something to lose

Living is a kiss by fire, under the moon of forever

Two alphas collide, under a blood red sky

Walking the bridge divine with eyes open wide

Tidal waters sleep, leftovers of the fallout

We are meant to be, under the moon of forever

Kings of fools are leading as we walk in the dark

Drifting to illusions, put there by echo chambers

Each day is a journey into the flames of error

We have to live together, under the moon of forever