You can hear it here.

Around November 2021, I was writing riffs for a song I was working on called “Defiant To The End”. I’ve had the bones of that song since 2010.

But I wrote so many that the only thing left was to start a new song.

The working title for this new song was “FastTreat”. A coded word for the songs influences. The first demo version (music only) of the new song was created on 24 November 2021.

And the song just sat there until I started to really work on it with lyrics. This happened in September 2022. Like all the songs I write, I also overwrite the lyrics.

The world is unfair and nature doesn’t care

Its a pessimistic view of the world and our place in it. There is no inherent justice or fairness in the world, and that bad things can happen to good people for no reason. And the natural world is indifferent to human suffering and does not take into account our desires, needs, or well-being.

The first part of the phrase, “The world is unfair,” suggests that there are systemic inequalities and injustices that exist in our society, such as discrimination, poverty, and other forms of social injustice. This part of the phrase implies that people are not always treated fairly, despite our desire for justice and equality.

The second part of the phrase, “Nature doesn’t care,” suggests that the natural world is not concerned with human affairs and does not show compassion or favoritism. It implies that natural disasters, disease, and other forms of suffering are not caused by any deliberate action or intent, but rather are a part of the natural order of things.

We’ve seen deception arise and be kind

Deception and dishonesty has become prevalent and dominant. This refers to various scenarios, such as a corrupt political system or a situation in which people are consistently misled or manipulated.

We live with conflict we are it’s architects

Conflict is not something that happens to us, but rather something that we actively participate in and perpetuate. We have the power to change the nature and frequency of conflicts in our society by taking responsibility for our actions and working towards peaceful resolutions.

See through the distortion, we’re exactly where we need to be

Look past any distortions or obstacles that may be clouding our perception and to trust that we are on the right path, even if it may not be the easiest or most comfortable one. By accepting our current situation and focusing on the opportunities for growth and learning, we can overcome our challenges and reach our desired outcomes.

Trust in our power

The rallying cry. A call to action, encouraging people to have confidence in their collective abilities to achieve a particular goal. By working together and leveraging our power, we can overcome challenges and achieve success.

The phrase is also used to emphasize the importance of self-confidence and self-belief. By trusting in one’s own power, abilities, and potential, one can achieve great things and overcome obstacles.

Misinformation once accepted, creates a bias which resists revision

Once someone believes false or inaccurate information, they may become biased towards that belief and resistant to changing their view even when presented with new evidence or information that contradicts it.

This bias can make it difficult for people to accept information that goes against their established beliefs, making it harder for them to revise their opinions or beliefs based on new information. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as “belief perseverance,” and it can be a significant obstacle to learning and growth.

The funhouse mirror exaggerates, makes us question what is real and what’s fake

We’ve all seen the distorted mirrors found in amusement parks’ funhouses, which create exaggerated and distorted reflections of our bodies. This analogy is used to suggest that our perception of reality can also be distorted and exaggerated, just like the images we see in the funhouse mirrors.

The way we perceive reality is not always accurate and can be influenced by external factors such as media, culture, and personal biases. When we are exposed to different perspectives and interpretations of events, we may begin to question what is real and what is fake. This can lead to uncertainty and confusion, as we try to make sense of conflicting information and reconcile it with our own beliefs and experiences.

In essence, the phrase emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and the need to question and verify the information we receive before accepting it as truth. It encourages us to be mindful of the sources of information we rely on and to consider the possibility that our perception of reality may be distorted by external influences.

After all the lyrics were written and performed, something was still missing.

An intro.

I had an idea to have the Intro guitar lead reversed and played at the start as it increases in volume. Like how Metallica did with “Blackened”. And that sounded okay but it didn’t make sense.

Until I put the tape deck sound effect and the whooshing sound effect towards the end.

Suddenly it all made sense.

I use the Chris Lord-Alge plugins from Waves to mix and when I added the “Beyond Thunderdome” effect to the toms, it made the intro come to life.

Press play and enjoy.


The hammer on and pull off guitar solo section goes back to 1994. I was practicing and from that session, the lick came out of it. It was in the key of A minor.

I first used it in a song I wrote called “Walk Away” in 1999. Since the song was in A minor, the kick worked perfectly without any adjustment needed. The band at the time was called Free Peace. But that project’s release never saw the light of day. Our brand of Hard Rock didn’t fit the brand of Nu-Metal that was becoming popular.

So I used it again on the song “Refuse To Obey”. I wrote the music to the song in 2009 and the song was released in 2010 on the album “The Final Confession”. The song is in D minor so some minor tweaks had to happen. The band at the time was called The Sacred Truth.

And this is the last time that lead will make a song. Like Motley Crue I’ve signed a Cessation Agreement.