Make Things Better

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This song is a new one. Like one year old new. Basically, “Make Things Better” is a byproduct of “Creating A Change”. 

I wrote a lot of lyrics for “Creating A Change”  in 2020 and the chorus at one stage in “Creating A Change” was “we’ve had enough / shut the door / let’s create a change”.

That then became “we’ve had enough / shut the door / and make things better”. But that happened many months later. 

The first draft I wrote for “Make Things Better”  was on June 6, 2020. At the time it was called “Fit The Mold”. And a day later, I started working on it in the studio. 

The title changed from “Fit The Mold” to “We Will Rise Again” to “How We Need To Act!” And back to “Fit The Mold”. 

It was a blog post from Seth Godin who mentioned the words “make things better” in reference to making products better and suddenly I had my title. 

On February 17, 2021 I really started paying attention to it and from here on, it was known as “Make Things Better”.