Hello! New World


New World

Can you tell me how to survive?

Here is the link for it.

The song’s creation goes back to 17 April, 2020. Basically, the feelings experienced during lockdown inspired this song.

I had the Chorus down first, as I came up with the words, “Hello, New World / Can you tell me how to survive / It’s strange, but known in some way”. And I sung the melody over a F – G – Am – Am chord progression.

On the same day, I also wrote the C to F chord progression for what I presumed would be the verses and played it as a ballad with a strummed feel.

And I had the first part of the massive interlude written as well.

By the end of the day, I had a 4.45 minute long demo recorded, with just a vocal melody for the Chorus in place.

Here is a photo of the first version.

On the 17 May 2020, I laid down a basic version of the song in the studio but I still wasn’t happy with the flow of the song.

And goddamn, the song would go through some major changes in the intro and the verses. So this basic version had evolved to arpeggios in the intro instead of strumming and it was still a ballad like song for the first two minutes with a breakdown in the middle which builds up to a metal like ending.

Here are some tabs of the music.

On 3 Oct 2020, the song got its first major transformation which would start to sound like the version that would end up getting released. A new metal like intro was added and the verse riffs became single note distorted riffs as they appear on the release.

And the final transformation for the song happened on the 18 Feb, 2021. The intro you hear on the recording got added before the Oct 2020 Intro, some editing happened elsewhere and the verse riff riffs got edited shorter.

But there was one more change to come.

I liked the new intro that much that I added it again after the first chorus. This final edit happened on the 25th Feb, 2021. And from then on, the song was ready to move forward with.

Vocally, the verses are in a major key and this was uncomfortable for me. Actually singing is just uncomfortable. Doing the bass, the guitars, the drums and keys is easy. But singing. Man. Not easy.

Here are some more lyrical notes.

And some doodling.