You can hear the song here.

Growing up and going to pubs around the Sydney and South Coast areas to watch rock bands (when these pubs had rock bands), was a huge influence on me. The sound, the vibe, the looseness and the rowdiness, known as the Pub Rock sound can be heard in this song. It’s working title was even “PubRockDD”.

So many great Australian bands graced these places. For the ones who made it, we idolize and write about them. For the ones that had local success, they are all just a footnote in musical history. Forgotten. And we try to write about them in blogs.

The first version of this song goes back to 1 April 2022.

By 28 June 2022, I had all the music down and started to work on the lyrics.

At first i had an lyric from 2011, called “Cocaine House” that I tried to make fit, but it didnt work especially around the Chorus. In had lines like “all cried out / you are walking blind / into a spiral / in this cocaine house”. Its very different to what I had in mind.

I was watching a lot of “Lucifer” on Netflix and that whole “the devil made me do it” excuse then became the foundation as to what the song would be built on lyrically.

The “we” in the song are the demons sent forth to prey on the sinners. I remember when Ozzy released “Miracle Man” and how those TV evangelists got busted with prostitutes and drugs.

Their answer.

The Devil made me do it.

I guess it’s time to PREY.