In The Silence

You can here “In The Silence” here.

The first voice memo of just the Chorus was recorded on May 18, 2022 but the lyrics I used for that recording were written on February 28, 2022.

Those lyrics had some lines that would make it to the final version.

Like “Another day feeling different / another day with an ideal to strive towards / I will stumble, I will fall / And in time I will accomplish wonders”.

And the Chorus hook at the time was “In the silence, listen / The path to go on can only be reached by me / In the silence, listen / Nobody else can build the bridge but myself alone”.

The title comes from meditation. In the silence, i can gather my thoughts/ideas and dream of different futures.

By May 25. 2002, I started to work on the song properly. I kept tweaking the musical structure and the lyrics, with various iterations all the way up to June 30, 2022.

A lot of good verses got cut out of this song, which could form a song on itself. Lines like, “to live is to suffer, and to survive is to find meaning” or “becoming ashes to rise a new” or “In the silence I can see so clearly, how easy it is to listen”.

Musically, I like strummed songs.

The hard rockers I grew up on all had these kind of songs like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Bad Company and insert any other hard rock or classic rock band here, but its songs from artists like U2, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Live, Bush, The Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Stabbing Westward, Filter and the more rock, pop and alternative acts that that I gravitated to when it came to strummed stuff.

The chord progression is pretty simple with a C to Am to G to F. It repeats for most of the song. So I tried to make each melodic fill different and unique as I kept building it. I was going for a U2 vibe but I am a hard rocker at heart so everything gravitates to that sound.

In the mix, there are six different guitars doing all these spacey, atmospheric and ethereal guitar lines. And then another two guitars are reversed to give the song a bed of soundscapes to underpin it. I have them low and bring them up at unique times.

I experimented with the drums for when I would bring them in and found that after the first Chorus worked best. The original idea was to bring them in the build up to the main guitar solo.

For the guitar solo, I did a few different ones. Then when I was going through the different takes, I kept the best bits and created one solo from all of it. I relearned it and recorded it with a few little improvised notes here and there. It felt natural and nice to play and when I added the harmony melodies under it, it just came together nicely.