Calibration Shift

You can hear it here.

It was a surreal moment.

During the day I was listening to “Slaughter The Martyr” from Machine Head, along with “Eraser” from Long Distance Calling.

During the night of 29 August 2022, I picked up the acoustic guitar and started playing. The first draft was created. It was 7 minutes and 12 seconds long. The moods those two songs made me feel served as inspiration.

Towards the end of November, the 24th I think, I tuned in to watch the finale episode of “Andor” Season 1 and it had the Funeral Scene with the Marching band playing the funeral song. When the show ended I re-watched the scene again, but this time around I put the volume down and played the acoustic guitar over the images.

I recorded the music I wrote on a voice memo and it was just over 10 minutes long.

The blend of these separate influences, including the scenes from the finale episode, inspired two musical drafts and when I blended those drafts together I had close to 18 minutes of music. All that remained was some editing down, which also meant some riffs got cut as well.

This leads to the final version at 8 minutes and 3 seconds in length.

I was stuck on two titles here. The song was going to be called “Twist The Narrative” or “Calibration Shift”. When I decided that the song would be an instrumental, “Twist The Narrative” just didn’t work on a word less song. So “Calibration Shift” was born.

I’ve had the words “Paradigm Shift” on a piece of paper for a long time as a possible song title. But it’s been overused and I wanted something similar. Hence, replacing “Paradigm” with “Calibration.”.

The meaning I have attached is this;

It is all about calibrating our thoughts and habits until we reach our target. And from time to time, sometimes even daily, we need to re-calibrate and shift.

We need to be curious and expand on what we know and we need to read critically and come up with an informed viewpoint. We can’t accept and follow blindly what people post on social media or even the news outlets as gospel. We can’t get lost in echo chambers either.

And the music moves between separate pieces. I gave these pieces names when I was drafting the song.

The first section from 0.00 to 1.27 was called “Expanding Our Horizons”. It gets more frantic before it explodes into the second section. This was a musical attempt to highlight all the information a person consumes as they get older. And as the music gets more frantic, the information consumed is faster. What is trending today is last years news the next.

The second section from 1.28 to 2.43 was called “Taking On The World”. Armed with all this knowledge from family, friends, society and institutions, the individual is ready to take on the world.

The third section from 2.44 to 3.21 was called “Unsure”. We are exposed to different views and different stories. And we are unsure how we fit into all of this. Some of the dreams and career aspirations have fizzled. What is next?

The fourth section from 3.22 to 3.56 was called “What Is Truth?”

In the journey of life, you will come across people that have a different view to yours. Your truth is BS to them. And their truth is BS to you. It’s okay to have different views.

The main section from 3.57 to 4.48 is called “Calibration Shift”. This is when we take control of our lives and decide what steps and paths we need to take. It’s loud and thunderous.

The sixth section from 4.49 to 5.42 is called “Contemplation”.

Did we calibrate properly?

Are we on the right path that we intended to be on?

How close or far away to the target are we?

The main section returns at 5.43 and it goes to the end, with a lead. I called it “Re-Calibration Shift”.

I end the song with this section, because in life, I believe that we are calibrating every day. Simple things like a broken down car requires a re-calibration because suddenly the plans you had for that day, cannot come to fruition.

Press play and enjoy.