Time Trigger

You can hear the song here.


It has mulitple meanings. It could be a point of time as measured in hours and minutes. It could be as available time or it could be once upon a time, in the past, present and future.


It also has mulitple meanings. It could be a device that is activated to set off another device, like a sensor for an alarm or it could be a small device that releases a springs or catch and sets off a mechanism. Like pulling the trigger of the shotgun.

The time trigger is something i came up with. I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy books and movies, so “Time Trigger” is defined as “a powerful device that when pointed and fired at an individual, it wipes away all of their past memories. It also does the same memory wipe to the people who have encountered the individual. If the individual had family, kids and friends, they will not remember them, nor would they remember them.”

Musically, I was listening to alot of Swedish Melodic Death Metal when i was writing this. I dont know how that term ever came to be.

Melodic Death Metal.

But i get it. Melodic riffs under a barrage of death metal style vocals.

The original working title was DethEx because the two main bands that influenced me were Deth Explosion and Megadeth.

The first ever version of the song was recorded on 1 May 2022. I wrote the music a few days before that. It didnt have the exotic Eastern sounding intro. Nor did it have the harmony guitar outros.

The song basically started with the distortion riffs which i called the “Genghis” section when I was mapping the riffs on my whiteboard,

The original version also didnt repeat the Chorus twice after the solo. It was just once and then it went into this Chromatic outro ending which i called the “Jaws” section because it had this E to F riff as the rhthym which allowed me to go all crazy with chromatics over it.

I started with the lyrics to a song called “Undo The Peacemaker” which I wrote back in March, 2017.

I spent July and September 2022 writing various different versions of these lyrics. As the definition changed from being a time travel device to a weapon of harm only.

From October, 2022 i really started to focus on the song in the studio.

And here we are now.

Check it out.