I wrote the music last year circa Nov 2020. I was listening to a lot of melodic metal and it’s influence rubbed off. 

The Intro/Chorus riff was written first. The other sections came after. 

Here is the link.

It’s working title was “MelMetal”.

The first demo was recorded on 30 Dec 2020. It was close to 7 minutes long. As I progressed with the song in the studio, some serious editing was taking place. Instead of repeating a riff 4 times, I did it twice as it did sound very repetitive.

The lyrics. 

I write a lot of lyrics. At one stage between 2003 and 2015, I was writing a song a day, lyrics only. I have diaries over this period which has a song entry each day.

So I started using what I had to see what fits. 

The first title was “Devil In Our City”. 

Then it was “Conscience Machine”. 

Then I combined the lyrics of both.

Finally on 24 January 2021, it became “Unlearn”. And the lyrics were finalized on 14 March 2021.

The last change I made was to the Chorus. I changed the Chorus melody on 15 May but the old Chorus melody can still be heard in the Chorus after the solo.

The outro had vocals but when I learned the vocal melody on guitar, the outro changed to being a guitar led outro. While the harmonies happened, there is this little bluesy lick I chucked in which embellishes it a little bit more.

Crank it and enjoy.