My Destiny

You can hear the song here.

It had a working title of “ClasRock” when I created the first acoustic version on April 27, 2021 on my voice memos. It was only 2:18 long and it consisted of the Intro, Verse, Chorus and the riff after the Chorus.

I was listening to a lot of 60s artists on YouTube like The Easybeats, The Kinks, The Spencer Davis Group and others. And I became inspired.

The following day I started to record the tracks in the studio.

I would record a scratch guitar track to a click. Then I would do the drums.

I would listen to it for a few days and I’ll make adjustments to the arrangement like shorten the amount of times a riff repeats or increase the amount of time a riff is played.

Once I’m happy with the arrangement I would re-record the guitars, add bass and lyrics.

I have diaries dating back to 1995 with lyrics on each page. The title and first draft of lyrics come from my 2008 diary and the date 8 January 2008.

And from another song called “I Want To Live A Life Worth Living For” from February 26, 2008.

And I kept tweaking the lyrics as the song and melodies started to come together.

Crank it and enjoy.