Outside The Lines

This is the cover. BUT.
This is the idea I had for it originally.
And then tried to replicate digitally

Here is the link.

It’s working title was “Tobria”. A musical draft was recorded on April 29, 2021. It was 86 seconds long.

The verse riff was so different, more djent like with the intention to have it heavily syncopated with the bass drum once I started recording it.

Life is not black and white / It exists in the grey

I didn’t really have a structure with this. I just started putting together riffs I liked and it started to feel like a progressive Metal song.

But I’m a melodic rocker as well.

So I wrote the melodic leads in the studio while I was recording the song. I knew what I wanted to hear as it was something I’ve done before or on another song demo of mine in the past but I wouldn’t have a clue right now on what song that is.

The delay effect was something I added very late to the song and it happened during the mixing stage. 

Lyrically it’s all down to life experiences and in this case, too many movies and TV shows like “The Blacklist” and self development books.

Choices are infinite / Nothing is certain…

I even took the lyrics from a song called “Open Book” which was written in my 2008 Diary on 17 Feb. While I tried em out, I didn’t end up using em.

Here are some unused lyrical ideas and another cover design.

Have I mentioned previously that the Chris Lord Alge WAVES plug ins are awesome for mixing. It helps when you have good tools at your disposal.