It’s OK

You can get/hear the track here.

The story of this song goes back 13 June 2021 when the first lyrical draft was written and the Chord layout was created.

I was listening to a lot of The Wallflowers and their cover of “Heroes” is my definitive version of the song, which then got me listening to David Bowie and then Eric Clapton, but not Clapton’s blues tracks, tracks like “Wonderful Tonight” and his solos in “I Wish It Would Rain Down” from a Phil Collins album and stuff like that.

And from those kind of songs and influences, “It’s OK” was born from.

The lyrical idea goes back even further to a meditation I had at a work mental health session circa 2017.

In the guided meditation, the person who was doing the guiding got us into a relaxed state, and then told us to visualize leaving our seats and flying up into the sky, higher and higher and higher until we could go no further and then we started to come down, but instead of coming down to the current day, time had gone forward and suddenly it was a day in the future.

And I met my future self who wanted to tell my current self that it’s okay to mess up, make mistakes, feel like crap some days and feel great on other days. I am human after all. And that formed the basis of the lyrical message in the song.

And I started recording it on July 21, 2021. Working on it musically, writing lyrics for verses and then re-writing lyrics and building the guitars and tweaking the drums.

Check it out.