Walk Into The Future

You can hear “Walk Into The Future” here.

I do have a voice memo from July 5 2021 called E Major Power which has the basic structure of the song and most of the riffs expect for the Outro which came much later (circa April 2022).

However I do recall writing the main intro riff and the Chorus riff sometime around October/November 2020. At the time I was listening to a lot of melodic metal and symphonic power metal. So I guess that style of music subconsciously rubbed off on me.

I also wrote the main riffs of “Unlearn” at the same time (which had a working title of “MelMetal”). Those “Unlearn” riffs stuck with me straight away, so I moved forward with that song first and that demo was recorded on 30 Dec 2020.

However I kept coming back to these riffs.

After the basic voice memo (done on acoustic guitar), I decided to work on it, in the studio.

In November, 2021 I started to do the basic tracks and I really started to get into it around March 2022, as I was finishing off “Chasing Days”. Being a guitarist first, I do all the guitar tracks to a click before I do the drum tracks and then the bass tracks. Sometimes I go back in and redo some of the guitar tracks or remove some.

And when you record a song with music first and no idea of the melodies or the lyrics, you start to run into some problems with the amount of repeats needed. So I had to recut some of the riffs to suit how many times I needed the riffs.

Lyrically it took a while to come together. I had the vocal melodies down circa February by using random words that didn’t make sense but they highlighted the syllables I needed for the melody.

And then I started writing the actual words.

Climate Change was discussed heavily in Australia during this time in the lead up to the Federal election, which ousted our “Climate Change Doesn’t Exist” leader Scott Morrison and replaced him with a more “Open Minded” leader on the Climate in Anthony Albanese. But big business and money always rule the day and time will tell how far Albanese will go to make some change here.

The idea of “Walking Into The Future” was an idea I had from the “Game Of Thrones” TV show, when Bran walks into the past to see how John Snow and the Whitewalkers came to be. You are there, watching as a witness but unable to changing anything.

How do you recount your experience back to people?

Will they even believe you?

So let’s take a walk, a walk into the future. To see what we’ve done, the mess we made.

That was the original hook of the Chorus. But I didn’t like the word “mess” as it gave the songs a pre-determined view that we messed it up. So I changed it to “world”, which gives it a more optimistic view. The world could be a mess or it could be good. It all starts with us.